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 Hilarious Comedy with “Seinfeld”
Seinfeld is an American television situational comedy conceived by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld on NBC networks which broadcasted from July 5, 1989 to May 14, 1998. The executive producers were Larry David, Benjamin Scott, Howard West, George Shapiro, Andrew Scheinman, Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer. The direction team is formed by appointing Art Wolff, Tom Cherones, Andy Ackerman and David Steinberg with multi camera setup. Columbia Pictures Television, Columbia TriStar Television and Sony Pictures Television were the distributors for the show.  The series were financed by Castle Rock Entertainment, Conundrum Entertainment and Columbia Pictures Television. 
The team of script writers includes Larry Charles, Peter Mehlman, Gregg Kavet, Andy Robin, Carol Leifer, David Mandel, Jeff Schaffer, Steve Koren, Jennifer Crittenden, Tom Gammill, Max Pross, Charlie Rubin, Marjorie Gross, Alec Berg, Elaine Pope, and Spike Feresten and co written by David and Seinfeld. The story is set on an apratment block on Manhattan’s Upper West Side which hosts George Costanza which is played by Jason Alexander who is Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend. Jerry is a minor celebrity in stand-up comedian. Julia Louis Dreyfus played for Elaine Benes’s role who is Jerry’s ex-girlfriend. And the last main character was Cosmo Kramer portrayed by Michael Richards, he is Jerry’s irritating neighbour.
The series went off through many conventions of mainstream television. Its all about nothing and it was the first series after Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The humour is strangely driven from conflicts and dispositions. Almost all the episodes depicts that the characters peep into others life more than concentrating on theirs which lead to disastrous results. As most of the sitcoms have pathos but this serial don’t have such things. The characters are 30 above and singles with vague identities and indifference to morals. Most of its episodes are inspiration from real life experience like The Revenge which experience Saturday Night Live. Two more serial like The Contest and The Phone Message are based on David’s experience.
The theme composer is Jonathan Wolff. The music consists of solo and back ground music that connected the scenes and sequences. It lacked in playing the traditional track which was about to play on the first moment of dialogue or sequence. The series had two High definition versions, first was network television with the ration of 4:3 for the DVD release. TBS networks started airing the show in HD. The TBS broadcasting reduced the running time. 
The fourth season received 12.75 rating with 13.7 million viewers for it while it was increased tp 19.6 million viewers and it kept on increasing in each season from 20.6 to 21.2 to 20.5 to finally 21.7 in final season. It received nomination from many awards but received Outstanding Comedy Series in Emmy Awards in 1993, Golden Globe Awards for Best TV-Series in 1994 and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance. 
The series is filled with amusing and catchy scenes that attract the viewers. They watch it without missing any of the episodes. They can watch Seinfeld online anytime they want to in order to relive the experience. One can also log on to http://tvs-seinfeld.com/ and can take advantage of free Seinfeld episodes of their own choices. I personally like the programme because I have keen interest in watching comedy series.

Author Alstonhravey  Added On Thu Aug 09th,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 Croon Out Loud: American Idol
American Idol is an American reality series. It is a singing competition which is the creation of Simon Fuller and is produced in association of Fremantle Media North America and 19 Entertainment. It was first telecasted on Fox channel on June 11, 2002. It is run as the Idol franchise which has derived its foundation from the UK show Pop Idol. American Idol has today become the most famous reality series in the history. In 2011, it was declared as the most watched show according to Nielson Ratings and remained on number 1 since its first seven consecutive seasons. Fans can switch to watch American Idol online anytime.
The main target of the series is to hunt the singing talent from the entire country. The winner is of the show is selected by the mass public through voting. The votes are posted by phone calls, SMS voting and voting through internet. The American Idols were Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee De Wayze, Scotty Mc Creery and Philip Phillips during the respective seasons.
There is a panel of three judges who gives their remarks including (compliments and areas of improvement) to the contestants’ performances. The judges keep on changing every season.  In the first season it were: the music producer and executive Randy Jackson; the pop singer and choreographer Paula Abdul and the Music Composer Simon Cowell. At present the panel consists of Jackson; Jennifer Lopez (singer/ actress) and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith Frontman). Other judges during the eleven seasons were Kara Dio Guardi and a great comedy star Ellen DeGeneres. The series is hosted by the radio jockey Ryan Seacrest and initially it was co-hosted with stand-up comedian Brian Dunkleman in the first season.
The series is defined as ‘the most influencing show in the history of television’. It has become the most popular and recognized platform to extract the talent among the singing artists. It has enlightened the careers of many stars. It gives them the opportunity to sing as a playback singers. They get the fame and name on the national television channel Fox which is the most watched channel. All the winners get the chance to pave their way to great success.
The auditions take place in various cities and the potential singers are extracted from the entire country. Then they perform on the stage and each of the good performers gets a golden ticket to step into the next round. Nearly 24 to 36 contestants get a chance to deliver a live concert and make their way to semifinals. They are voted by the public and three top rated contestants reach the finals. The two hour finale episode declares the winner after the group and solo performances of the eliminated participants with a full band.
The show actually enjoys high ratings. The viewers can even now easily watch American Idol online for free, all thanks to high-speed internet services and authenticated websites. The American Idol episodes are available on the numerous sites which can hold the viewer’s interest with the all the latest happenings. There are myriad of websites on internet and one such popular site is http://americanidol.seriesgate.com/

About Author:-
 I have published this article. I pen for publications and online weblogs. Writing is my specialized source. I always look for American Idol episodes , as it’s my favourite tv series.

Author Alstonhravey  Added On Mon Aug 06th,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 The True ‘Survivor’
Survivor is an American television reality series based on the genre of competition. It was created by Charlie Parsons and presented by Jeff Probst. Its executive producers are Charlie Parsons, Mark Burnett, Jeff Probt and David Burris. The series has completed 24 successful seasons with a total of 334 episodes. It aired on May 31, 2000 for the first time on CBS Channel.  
The show itself was adapted from a Swedish television series Expedition Robinson, which was created by Charlie Parsons in 1997. Its host was Jeff Probst, who is a Veteran television personality and a reporter by profession.
The main concept of the show is that a group of strangers is left on an isolated island where they have are left out on their own for their survival. They all have to fight hard to get themselves food, shelter, water, fire and all the things which are needed for one’s survival. They are also given challenges every forthcoming day where if they won, they are given either a reward or immunity in the vote out. Immunity means they are saved in the next vote out and no one can vote against them. It is the judges which decides who will be the final contestants based on their performances in the challenge tasks. The winner is only one contestant and he gets a million dollar prize. 
The American version of the show has been a successful one. Its first 10 seasons has been one of the most watched television shows of all the time. It has been a very high profitable American series on broadcast television. It has been continuously nominated four times for Outstanding Reality Competition. Its host Jeff Probst also the award for Outstanding Host for a reality Competition for four times as this category of awards started in year 2008.
The 24th season of this show concluded on May 13, 2012. This program has been renewed for next two more seasons next year. The 25th season was shot in Carmona Islands, Camarines Sur, Philippines.
The US version of this series was produced by Mark Burnett. All the seasons have 13 to 16 episodes in total. In the first season, 75 persons were employed as the crew members and by the time of 22nd season, the crew increased to a number of 325 people. 
Internet is a vast field in today’s world. People are very well aware about its uses. They know where is the use of net is required. The viewers can Watch Survivor Online anytime if they missed any of its shows in the past due to their busy schedule or any other reason. The new fans can read Survivor Episode Guide online before they plan to Watch Survivor Online as they can get to know more closely about the program. I have viewed many sites when I wanted to read Survivor Episode Guide for knowing more about the show. There are a lot of good sites on the web. One site which I found useful is http://www.tvs-survivor.com/


I am a content writer. I write articles for magazines and newspapers. I find writing very interesting. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead series and I used to<a href="http://www.tvs-survivor.com/"> Watch Survivor Online</a>.
Author Editor  Added On Wed Aug 01st,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 Amazing Talent and Friendship in “Victorious”

Victorious is a prominent American series. It is created by Dan Schneider. It is telecasted on Nickelodeon. The story deals with the lives of an ambitious singer Tori Vega and her elder sister Trina. Their roles are played by Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet.  Andrew Harris, Cat Valentine, Jade West, Rex Powers and Beck Oliver are the other characters of the series. The series comes out on March 27, 2010.  We can watch victorious anytime.

The story is about a youngster who enters into Hollywood art High School in her sister’s place. And further we see how she gets into the lunatic situations and experiences. She makes a lot of friends there. Andre Harris becomes her best friend at the school and helped her in many situations. She shares a different relation with a selfish girl named Jade West. Many artists of the series have also worked in previous nickelodeon shows.

 Dan Schneider has created Drake & Josh Zoey 101, The Amanda show and iCarly before Victorious. Victorious is the fifth series of Dan Schneider. Disney Channel gains a lot of popularity with his serials like Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

Nickelodeon executives also want to launch a drama to attract kids. So they decide to make a music based soap opera for the channel. Columbia/Epic Label Group of Sony music co –produces the serial with Nickelodeon Production. They produce the series after the success of their previous show iCarly. 

The series run 20 episodes in season 1. The season 1 begins in October 5, 2011 and ends in April 14, 2010.  Most of the show shoots in Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The Executive vice president of the drama is Paula Kaplan.

The series gets mixed reviews by critics.  In one of the New York’s news paper it claims that the show looks like iCarly.  But Justice’s character is appreciated by everyone. On March 27 2010, the first episode is viewed by 5.7 million people. The first episode of 2 season is the watched by 6.1 million viewers. Wal-Mart launched many products like lunch boxes, soundtracks, t-shirts, accessories DVDs and CDs to promote the show. Nintendo DS and Victorious: time to Shine for Kinect was broadcasted on 15 November, 2011.

The soap opera receives many awards and nominations. In 2011, Matt Bennett from the show won Nick UK’s Funniest Person award in UK Kids Choice awards. In 2012, the show receives the Favourite TV show in Nickelodeon Kids Choice award. The serial is also telecasted in Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland and many other countries. Victorious first soundtrack broadcast in August 2, 2011. And the second released on June 5, 2012. Many toys related to the drama were also issued by Spin Master.

The soap opera is very popular among kids. They enjoyed watching this series. There are many options to watch victorious online for free. Those who missed victorious episodes can run through the site: http://www.tvs-victorious.com/. It is one of the best sites to watch your favourite shows.

Author Editor  Added On Wed Aug 01st,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 Adventures Continues In White Collar
White Collar a well-known and well appreciated television series created by Jeff Eastin. On October 23, 2009 its first season was premiered on USA Networks. As it got a fantastic start, the networks decided to renew it for a second season which premiered on July 13, 2010. On June 7, 2011, the show was premiered for its third season with 16 new episodes and is prepared now for the fourth season which is to be telecasted on July 10, 2012.
Neal Caffrey a perfect con-man, forger and thief was raised by the mother. Neal’s father was a corrupt Police Officer so the mother took him away from his father to make him son a perfect and sincere citizen, but Neal, in spite of this even, he became a con-man, a thief, proving he has got the genes of his father too. He had a great knowledge about history, jewelry and art includes literature, paintings and opera but as shown in the show, he never passed his high school.
After a three year game of cat and mouse, he was finally caught by the special agent Peter Burke and was sentenced for four year jail. One day his girlfriend Kate came to him to end up the relation who hurts him a lot. Only a few months left of his imprisonment, he escaped from there to follow his girlfriend as he fears that her life is in grave danger. But he is caught by peter and brought back to the prison again. Then he proposes a deal to peter that he will help peter to catch all of the other criminals but on one term, he has to free him (Neal). Peter agrees on the term but with one condition that he will wear an ankle-monitor so that they can have an eye on Neal.
In the show we saw peter as an honest husband and a caring officer. He is the only person on which Neal trust. He is shown, convincing Neal, to live an honest and respectful life but Neal chose his previous life in spite of choosing the other good face of life. Peter loves his family and home life. Peter helps Neal, aiding in the search about the music box, a big clue in Kate’s murder. Peter was recruited out of college by FBI, losing a chance to work for Fortune 500 Company. He earned a degree in accounting. While working on Kate’s murder he developed a guarded working relationship with Mozzie, a friend of Neal. This was shown in the first three season of white collar but anyone can watch it on the Internet.
Other main Characters of the show are Mozzie (Willie Garson), a con man and Neal’s most trusted person and best friend, he is an orphan and was grown in an orphanage in Detroit, and he is the only person who knew the clues and whole story about the murder of Kate. He helps Peter in his investigations. Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen), wife of Burke. She is an intelligent woman herself and helps his husband peter in solving the cases by her useful suggestions; she saw a refinement in Neal and told about it to Peter. The fans can Watch White Collar Online anytime on the web.
Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) an insurance company investigator, Diana Berrigan (Marsha Thomason) is Peter’s probationary agent, Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) as a special agent. The new fans can read white collar episode guide before they plan to watch White Collar Online. 
In the first season the show got amazing reviews and a viewer’s rating of 5.40 millions, the second season rate was 4.29 and the third season rate was 3.90. Now as the fourth season has arrived on television but u can still watch White Collaronline, what you have to do is to just log in to http://www.tvs-white-collar.com and take a full experience of solving Kate’s murder with Neal and Peter as I had by watching it. A lot of information is available on many sites in the form of white collar episode guide as well.

About Author:-
I am a content writer for magazines and newspapers for a long time and I love to <a href="http://www.tvs-white-collar.com/">watch white collar online</a>
 on USA Network.
Author Editor  Added On Tue Jul 31st,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 Legendary Heroes
 Heroes is a sci-fi based American television series. Tim Kring is the creator of the show. This show was aired for four seasons on NBC Network. It was aired from September 25, 2006 to February 8, 2010.The show was produced under the banner of Tailwind Productions in association with Universal Media Studios. Filming of the series was done in Los Angeles, California.
Author sandeep  Added On Tue Jul 31st,2012
Rating (0)  Category TV
 The Quest For World Of Warcraft Gold
World of Warcraft has changed the face of online gaming. A fantasy adventure of phenomenal proportions to say the least. The imagination takes to the land of legends and magic. It is a quest for riches and glory with real people all around. To become a legend above the rest takes a lard sum of world of warcraft gold.WOW is the shortened version of the World of Warcraft. Being shorter to type and say in conversation and during game action. Adventures with real people playing alongside wow gold in a vast array of fantastic characters has a very wide appeal. The ability to interact while questing in realms of all sorts while doing so makes it seem as real as it gets.Having the greatest gear in the form of items and weapons is a matter of finance. Money in the form of digital gold needs to be collected to make purchases of all sorts. The things to buy are just barely more plentiful than the ways in which wealth can be attained. buy wow gold How much time a player is willing to spend in the goal depends on the individual, but the wise look for shortcuts.The old fashioned way of earning a fat sack of money was to fight it out in battle. The more a character quested and fought, then the faster the coffers filled up. Following the path of the game was the most common mode of doing this. Spending extra time in profitable areas to save up for purchases in most cases. Repetition and time are the costs cheap wow gold of such a method, but it will pay off eventually.There are all kinds of ways to add up cash in a hurry in WOW. Most games have handy secrets and loops that allow for excessive money to flow in. Knowing these secrets was a thing for hard core gamers and the very clever. Taking a sharp eye and a joy for checking and double checking chances for profit. Finding the secrets is the trick here. It takes time and effort still, but pays off huge in the end.Another classic mode world of warcraft gold of making money is item collecting and selling. The goal is to find a highly profitable and repeatable transaction. This method can pay off huge and help to save up for the most costly of gear. Finding item scores and battles that pay off and repeat both take time without a world of warcraft gold guide. A WOW gold guide really does cut through a lot of the wasted effort instantly.Popular gaming guides can help a player in almost every possible way. A few shortcuts to success can change  a novice into a master in no time at all. It all has to be earned in one way or another, but that is how the game is played. Knowledge is always a form of power. Use it if you can get it and make a smart play right off the bat.Planning is part of any serious quest. Cash flow is crucial to being at the top of the top. A good WOW gold guide and a vision for greatness is all anybody really needs to conquer the online fantasy universe. Get the gold to get the best gear, then it is all just glory and victory. 
Author sem  Added On Sat Mar 17th,2012
Rating (0)  Category Gaming
 Runescape Hacks and Scam Protection
  Don't be fooled by high levels acting nice. For almost all of us we have been scammed at least once, and if you haven't been yet, give it time. This guide will tell you how to avod some of the common Runescape scams. First off never rush trades, scammers will always try to rush the trading screens. Take your time check both screens. When I spend over a million gold or sell something for a good deal I check a few things. When you sell something for lets say 20k, which is 20,000gp it should say 20k as the photo (20,000 gold). What a lot of people runescape gold will do is put up 1000k which is a million GP then they will take off 900k. This makes 100k look like 1000k, now if you were rushing through trade screens you might overlook something like this. Another thing to look for is Runescape players trying to scam you by adding a 4 at the end of the number which looks almost like k, and again if you were rushing through your trade you might miss it and get scammed. Now just remember to never rush through trade screens. Now here is my opinion on buy runescape gold how to avoid being hacked. The main thing to remember is never give anyone your Runescape password. You don't know how many times I seen a level 3 or even higher level players claiming to be a Jagex or Runescape staff members asking for your password to see if you have been scamming or have been scammed or some other lame excuse like that. Something to note is Runescape or Jagex will NEVER ask for your password. They say a personal friend that you trusted with your password is where 80% of hacking comes from, cheap runescape gold and from history, I would agree with those stats. Another big issue is using Runescape autos like autominer or autotalk, bots, macros, hacks or any of the numerous Runescape cheats or things of that nature that you think at least in the beginning will make your Runescape tasks easier. These programs are often trojans themselves that are designed to plant themselves in your computer to steal things like passwords to Runescape accounts, and sometimes even more important things. Remember when downloading any thing related to rs gold Runescape you have the risk of downloading something called a key logger or trojan, so its best to run a firewall and anti-spy ware and anti virus software at all times. A key logger will track your every move on your computer more importantly will tell someone your passwords for Runescape if you don抰 know that you have it. Whilst I think you are personally crazy if you wanted to cheat Runescape, if you are going to do it have the sense to make sure you run an anti virus scan on a regular basis. From personal experience I know for a fact that RS runescape money Deamon is safe it is like a high score thing. It's kind of like going to Rune HQ and using their calculators but you can compare up to 100 of your friends, it also comes with useful guides. If you want to use RS Deamon it cost $1.00 to download. Now I am not sure why or anything but make sure if you download it to go to . Another useful program is Swift Switch. It has had its problems with Jagex but I don抰 see anything wrong with Swift Switch these days and there is nothing it does for you but it has guides and access to IRC chat rooms. To download Swift Switch go toAs stated before there is the risk of key loggers when downloading stuff for Runescape so only use these two websites for downloading the programs, or try others at your own risk. Now to quickly wrap up - be careful what you download related to Runescape, or anything for that matter; never give out your password; always look at both trade screens extra close when trading. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Runescape Boards screen name is blader7214, make sure if you PM me that you put Runescape 100 article or something like that in the subject box.
Author sem  Added On Thu Mar 15th,2012
Rating (0)  Category Gaming
 Necklaces string simply by Thomas Sabo
 Necklaces string simply by thomas sabo sale result from Johnson Sabo Germany, sticking with this extraordinary ideas of design and style in order to develop little, stylish silver solutions for all. Gold available from him incorporates bracelet that happen to be bright colored, divine style and design bands, strong and trendy necklaces, as well as other number of silver. But, a further line by using classic design is full of thomas sabo earrings that may suit any special occasion. Commemorate usage of interesting strategies by a accumulate strains in order to translate wonderful model to create a level for the hearts of several children.

1980's appeared to be the year whenever Thomas Sabo unveiled the necklaces. Energy have been devote to produce natural ornaments inside silver together with exceptional top quality, which results in format it can be fantastic design. Two of the most classical string by way of Johnson Sabo; Thomas Sabo Allure Club in addition to gold Assortment are intended and carry around refreshing waste types. It is mentioned pertaining to expensive jewelry that they stand for all of our phenomenon and infatuation. In order to come up with a person feel great and search different within the herd, this can be a perfect service and so.

Thomas Sabo earns the particular sterling Jones Sabo bracelets Silver Range which is definitely the suitable addition regarding current tends any way you like. Top rated many inside excellent 925 strerling silver precious metal can be brightened with the use of hand-set and also hand-cut zirconia jewel. A thomas sabo necklaces largest will need when it comes to high quality as well as beauty gets achieved using the unrivaled quality and styles provided by these folks. The business boasts unisex set which in turn purges this the more common differentiation between bracelets for males and girls.
Author  Added On Mon Mar 12th,2012
Rating (0)  Category Branding
 The simple and small Crescent dining table for you and your family
 Dining tables quite set the mood for the meal that you are about to take and this makes it a mandate for it to be special. A simple meal can seem great, provided you choose the correct furniture to go along with it. Dining with family is a pleasurable experience that needs to be expanded more. Times have evolved and so have designs and we are at a place where options are innumerable and each of them as tempting as the next. Here, you need to focus on the layout of your dining room to be able to buy the right dining table that will suit both in tone and taste. Durability is a must and that always stays as an important factor. Some apartment dining rooms might be large while some may be small, so buying must be done in accordance.

However, there are a few you cannot go wrong with, no matter what kind of a dining room you possess. The Crescent dining table easily falls under this genre whose appearance makes it superbly easygoing furniture that can never look out of place. It is slim and can easily fit in small spaces without any clutter that you do not want to have. Further, it is perfect for both large and small dining rooms, since its compact looks are both refreshing and creates a nice ambience. Where dining furniture stores these days are full of overwhelming furniture with a lot of intricacies, this one has minimal designs that do the trick marvelously, and as simplicity is certainly its forte. With a Clear Tempered Glass top and a stylishly crafted crescent shaped Wood Veneer base, this dining table has a different sort of attraction that does not need elaborate lines to make it look impressive, it is impressive as it is in its small ways.

The options in the clan of RTA dining table and chairs have grown like never before and while some furniture are impressive in their nuances, the good old charm of simplicity still has its charm working intact and as well as ever. The Crescent dining table is ideal for a hearty meal that will be worth remembering in its own special way.

Resource box:

Metroloft furniture offers you a wide range of apartment dining rooms, dining furniture stores,  and  RTA dining table and chairs . For more reference log in to:


Author sem  Added On Wed Sep 01st,2010
Rating (0)  Category Furniture
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